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So What's Been Happening Then?

Well it's been a while since last we spoke. How are you? All good? Well wait'll I tell what I've been up to.....

I've been keeping the auidiobook fires burning bright with a gig for non other than Penguin, when I provided the voice for the intro to the Penguin Classics release of The Dubliners. That's proper culture right there! Aaaaand - I'm booked up into 2020 with work for USA Today best selling authors.

I've been doing a little bit of indie film stuff, lending my voice to an upcoming short called "Payload" starring the wonderful Lucy McConnell (Game Of Thrones, The Fall, Soft Boarder Patrol)

I've been doing some on screen work with a wee walk on part in Soft Border Patrol.

I've been firing blank rounds at Alec Baldwin (more details than that I cannot reveal because of NDAs!)

I've been recording VO for many a local client as well as for clients in the USA, Canada, Sweden, Norway, South Africa to name but a few.

And today I was with the rather wonderful folks at Outpost in Belfast recording for a VR project. I was met at the door by a Red Setter pup, which instantly catapulted Outpost to the top of my 'best places to work' list. Also their recording room his hidden behind a bookcase. What's not to love?

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