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What's next?

Well after a well earned holiday at the beginning of July I'll be moving into full production on Isaac Hooke's A.I Empire trilogy. This will bring together A LOT of characters from across the Mind Refurb universe so my accents will be getting a work out! We should also see the release of Chris Harris's popular UKD series - an everyman post apocalyptic adventure! Following that I expect to see Soul Siphon hit the shelves, the prequel to the Soul Stones series by T.L Branson that I've had the the pleasure of narrating. It's actually an anthology of sorts, pulling together some of the short stories and origins of the series' characters. Further down the road I'm looking forward to producing Haliden's Fire by Chris Sendrowski - an epic adventure of lost love and the quest to find it. All the while I'll be sending out free codes for copies of these audiobooks! Stay tuned for more info.

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